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Talisman Steenman

for IN Residence
Structures, found from Alaska to Greenland, called inuksuk are human-made stone landmarks. The inuksuk may have been used for navigation, as a point of reference, a marker for travel routes or places of veneration.
 In Dutch, inuksuk / cairns are known as steenman, literally meaning “stone man”. In the history of mindfulness the building of a stone man is known as a meditative practise, demanding a high level of focus and perseverance.
 Re-arranging our intuitively drawn shapes, in order to create ‘new’ shapes or formations, is like building a stone man. It functions as an ‘unpredictable’, yet serene navigator for new ideas. ‘Steenman’ is the representation of this personal, but universally applicable, modus operandi with the objective to be an inspirational totem.
 The act of creating a talisman that can set in motion peoples own imagination, instead of us pre-determining a specific ‘power’ or ‘value’, is most consistent with our personal and professional credo.