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Exhibition design for Dutch Invertuals 2013


Salone del Mobile 2013

Imagination is the force that lingers between logic and inspiration. It acts as a guide in our daily dilemmas and helps us to understand and cope with the world we are living in. It is this energy that thrives us to push forward. It helps us to let go of the old and make way for the new. It’s a mechanism that sparks new connections between the known but beyond the obvious. This is where transformation happens. New formats and perspectives form along the way as we are being pushed into the future by the power of imagination.


Dutch Design week 2013

On the verge of shifting cultures and collapsing economies, one really has to thoroughly reconsider who we are and what we stand for. Formulating a new awareness. Gaining the freedom from fading boundaries. Creating space for new understanding, unknown trades, alternative concepts of value and belonging. Ten designers look into this interchanging reality and seek for revaluation.

They present new work in collaboration with the workshops:
Beeldenstorm, Sundaymorning@ekwc and Nationaal Glasmuseum.