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Interior for a new holiday home

‘Buitenhuis’ is a bold first step towards establishing recreation of the future: it’s now possible to feel the freedom of being outdoors from the comfort of within. This collaboration, between Chris Collaris Architects, Daphna Laurens on behalf of Dutch Invertuals and Droomparken, has produced a marriage between functional design and sensory experience.

The purpose of holiday is to daydream; A chance to separate yourself from the rush, information overload and stuffy interiors of daily working life. In turn, enabling you to retreat peacefully into nature, immersing yourself in personal rituals and feeling the Earth’s warmth – either in solitude or the company of loved ones. `Buitenhuis’ provides a space to do so. Simultaneously in and outside, it surrounds you with an interior environment that has the pure materials and warm colors of nature.

Photography by Ronald Smits and Daphna Laurens