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Mono is a series of volumes that serve as a pedestal as well as ‘out of sight’ storage space.

We imagine ‘Mono to be able to serve in virtually any space in the home; In the hallway it will neatly keep together the winter gear until next season. Quickly tidy up the living room by storing your magazine or the kids’ toys. When in use as a bedside table the extra blankets are always at reach and it wil hold your phone and glasses on top each night.

Inspiration for our home

Sol, our second son, was born in the beginning of 2019. While spending time with him, being more in and around the house, we’ve also been observing our own ‘domestic habits’.

What caught the eye were a couple of wooden boxes, that we’ve very spontaneously build approximately 10 years ago to store magazines, blankets and other items. Apart from the storage functionality, the boxes automatically started to serve as pedestals for plants. Became the extra seat or occasional table on ‘crowded’ nights and in our case eventually act as a climbing objects for our boys.

Functional detailing

Simplicity was key in the process, since we want these pieces to harmonise with and complement the interior. Focussing on ‘functional detailing’ resulted in the fact that all panels, used to create a ‘Mono’ piece, have a specific corner radius and profile that allows for assembly as well as providing the product with a distinct visual element.