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Poster Collection

Poster collection by various artist

As an ongoing project Daphna Laurens will collaborate with designers and artist to create a collection of posters representing their pieces. Inspired by wonderful posters from the past, for example the work of Don Ervin and George Tscherny for Herman Miller or Herbert Matter for Knoll, Daphna Laurens initiated this project.

Rop van Mierlo

as being the first graphic artist commissioned to create a series of posters, worked with the Tafelstukken collection.
Rop is known for his authentic drawings of animals. Wilde dieren is a wonderful book full of animal drawings.


Raw color

For the representation of their new Cirkel collection Daphna Laurens commissioned Raw Color to create a series of posters. A perfect match, the graphic, geometrical qualities and the ‘basicness’ of the Cirkel collection goes along really well with the aesthetic distinction of Raw Color. Resulting in a colourful, bright and powerful series of posters. Within the series the disciplines of photography and graphic design are melting together to create the image.


Bob Waardenburg

For the third run Daphna Laurens commissioned Bob Waardenburg to create the graphic representation of their Cover collection, realized in 2012.

“I like to provide clear images that give space to meditate on shape, size, relation and meaning.”
A thought shared by Daphna Laurens. A thought which they especially brought into practice while designing their Cover collection, making it a great match for both the objects being portrait and the artist portraying them. This resulted in two hand drawn posters which represent the Cover collection very well.

Tomas Nilsson

For the representation of their new object Objem, Daphna Laurens commissioned Tomas Nilsson to create a poster. The cheerful and elegant design of Objem goes along really well with the aesthetic playfulness of Tomas Nillson. Resulting in a funny and bright poster.