Greta Light

Our continuous search to seamlessly unite and merge ‘the abstract’ and the functional is often leading in a design process. Fast development in lighting technology helps us a lot with achieving this high aim, whereas the slender ‘Greta’ could simply not be properly produced a couple of years ago. After having modeled our design, the analogy concerning some mid-century modern lighting became visible. A reference that we embrace, since we admire a lot of work produced those days but at the same time realise that our design is only possible to produce ‘today’. The result is a highly functional, yet elegant, floor lamp. Next to the sofa or your bed, it serves a reading lamp but when rotating the ‘head’ towards the wall ‘Greta’ beautifully lights up the room.

Technical specifications

Materials used in the prototype are: Powder coated steel frame, wooden shade and LED

Free to edition