Tafelstukken Collection

The five ‘complete’ lighting objects shine upon themselves as well as the objects placed in them. The lamps are open for your own interpretation.
For example, a ‘Tafelstuk’ can be used as a container to highlight your everyday objects (keys, fruits or a magazine).
All the pieces were produced in Daphna Laurens’ Eindhoven based workshop.

Tafelstukken for Gallery Mint London


With their series ‘Tafelstukken’ Daphna Laurens won a ‘Three out of ten’ DMY award. Awarding Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders, Hella Jongerius as a representative of the jury, pointed out that Berlin stands out in terms of research, experimenting and prototyping but it is also important to acknowledge the finishing of products and that is why the jury chose this accomplishment of a very tactile and nicely functioning product.

Materials used in the collection are porcelain and oak. Tafelstukken was made in a limited edition of 15.

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