Exhibition Design for Dutch Invertuals Eindhoven 2019


Dutch Invertuals turn to the mother of all forms: the circle, the ultimate symbol of unity, perfection, and infinity.

In times of division and inequity, the circle stands as an emblem of cooperation and connectivity. We need to re-enter its orbit to find what is fundamental in life. Interpreting the elemental form pushes each Invertual to identify what is essential to them. Each offers their take on this perfect shape.

Dutch Invertuals celebrated their 10th anniversary!

Photography by Ronald Smits

About the Commission

She analyses our culture and time to shape narratives and discover new traditions. By articulating what we need now and imagining what will be needed in the future she questions and challenges our living environment and experience.
Wendy Plomp, founder, curator and art director of Dutch Invertuals.

Exhibition design for the Circle

To mark the 10th anniversary of Dutch Invertuals, Wendy asked us to design the exhibition within the theme ‘Circle’.

Exhibition design for the Circle

Obviously this exhibition needed a circulair element. But we wanted it to really add another dimension to the presentation, so the circle became an elevated pathway. Offering the spectators a different experience of the space and literally another perspective to look at the objects and products in the exhibition. In addition Architects of Identity (EDHV) created a larger than life graphical layer on the curtains that completely surrounded the exhibition, transforming it into a crazy circle-filled world.