Exhibition Design for Dutch Invertuals 2010

Matter of time

This exhibition shows new work based on medieval oak wood; wood which over 600 years ago served as the foundation for the Eindhoven city entrance. Through experiments and research, the Invertuals have translated the value and symbolism of the wood into contemporary design projects. Especially the concept of time and the characteristics of the material are used as a source of inspiration.

Dutch Design Week 2010

Salone del Mobile 2010

Showing the fading borders between our virtual and our analogue world, the new works include interactive cabinets of nostalgia, paper waste furniture and vessels, a vault for personal treasures, daylight captured in textiles, classical centerpieces translated into contemporary lamps and a machine that prints 3D artwork with the help of insects. This fusion is captured in a landscape, transforming the high standard exhibition venue into a surreal Dutch Invertuals world.