Exhibition Design for Dutch Design Awards 2022

This is the third year that we were asked to design the exhibition for the Dutch Design Awards.

We re-used the exhibition furniture that we’ve created for the 2019 exhibition, a clear and bold language where we’ve followed the graphic identity that was designed by Studio George&Harrison.

In the scenography for the exhibition we used the colours of the identity, white, black and orange, to create an institutional and clear image. Once again the colour orange was used to indicate the winners, this time every day when the winner was announced the banner with the project text of the winner turned orange.


This year George and Harrison introduced 9 unique symbols that function as a landmark for each of the Dutch Design Award categories. These 9 unique symbols where included in a kaleidoscopic imagery. These small movies we used as way finders and eye-catchers in the exhibition indicating each categorie of the Dutch Design Awards.

Photographer: Nick Bookelaar