Dutch Invertuals

Exhibition in Milan: at Verger, Salone del Mobile 2009

Verger presents…. Dutch Invertuals
A group of independent designers from Eindhoven, united by their common vision in design, present their latest work in Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2009.
In collaboration with the Italian label Verger, these former Design Academy students will show that design originates from exploration, by taking familiar materials out of their usual context and putting them to use in an uncommon and therefore surrealistic way. Cardboard is used as a carpet, vegetable juices are transformed into ink, masses of bound needles are transformed into ‘human fur’ and suitcases shift shape with store cabinets. Each of the designers has a different background, resulting in a meltdown of different disciplines such as graphic, fashion, food and material design. This unique and diverse exposition is made possible by Verger, who will be showing their new line of clothing for 2009, as well as their latest project: a chandelier designed by former Cashmere designer Lucia Bossiso.
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The Dutch Invertuals are: Bart Hess, Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders, EDHV, House of Origin, LEAD, Lotty Lindeman, Raw color, Pepe Heykoop, Wendy Plomp


“For us designing means touching reality, play with it
and free ourselves from it to create our own.
Challenge the conventional perception of space, create alternative
ways in showing design, evoke emotion, blend in easily
or if needed cause explosions.”

A rocky surface arises out of wood, light, shadow, air and invertuality.
Temporarily taking over, breaking through and embracing the
given space where it is build in.

“Whose design is this? Ours… being the creator? Or yours… the observer?
Do we exist because of your existence?
See, enjoy, experience and remember our work, for it to exist.”