Matter of Time

Matter of time in Paris from 17th of June until 11th of July at Bensimon.

The exhibition ‘Matter of Time’ involves 600-year-old wood; oak wood which once served as the foundation for the Eindhoven city entrance.

Matter of time - Gallery Bensimon from Tout&Bo Productions on Vimeo.

Dutch Invertuals is a collective of individual designers. Together they present their work in an exhibition in which their contemporary viewpoints are expressed through images, objects, materials, insights and stories.
After successful exhibitions during the Salone del Mobile, the Dutch Design Week and Elle Inside Design, they now present new work during the Dutch Design Week 2010. For the second time the exhibition will take place at design agency Edhv. This industrial but stylish environment is transformed by the Invertuals into an extraordinary exhibition space.
Through experiments and research, the invertuals have translated the value and symbolism of the 600 year oak wood into contemporary design projects. Especially the concept of time and the aesthetics of the material are used as a source of inspiration.
The wood has been revised by old crafting techniques, its transience is visualized, it is getting a second life as a foundation and it is transformed into time pieces, sound images, interaction instruments and sensorial objects.

Dutch Invertuals: Carolina Wilcke, Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders, Edhv, Juliette Warmenhoven, Julien Carretero, Max Lipsey, Mieke Meijer, Raw Color.
Initiated and curated by Wendy Plomp

Supported by Eindhoven Archaeology Centre and the City of Eindhoven.
Photography by Laurens Manders