Archeology of the future

Exhibition: Designhuis Eindhoven from the 26th of March till the 28th of June 2009

Archeology of the future is an exhibition about 20 years trendforecasting with Li Edelkoort.
A part of the exhibition what's called the serre where the influences of flora are seen in the trends. Li invited us to built the greenhouse again especially for this part of the exhibition.

" At the end of the '80s, the longing for gardening took seed in our decor and started to influence fashion and design". Li Edelkoort

The designhuis accommodates archeology of the future, an exhibition on trends composed by li edelkoort. This first exhibition on trends, viewed through her eyes, reveals that trends are not a brief phenomenon, but are deeply rooted in our daily lives. edelkoort, internationally noted on trend forecasting, selected a wide range of colours, materials and concepts that dictate our daily lives. By researching and analysing links
between fashion, art, design and the consumer culture. Her observations are visualised in colours, materials and concepts, jointly presenting the roots and traces of the future. The exhibition displays a broad variety of design, fashion, photography as well as images from edelkoort’s archive.

photography: Rene van der Hulst