"C", A chair to take your time in

Concept for Poltrona Frau

‘Taking your time’ we believe is a highly personal experience. As it comes to taking a nap, being lost in thought, surfing the Internet on your Ipad or having a relaxed
conversation with an intimate, every’body’ has got his or her own preferred posture.

A prominent focus, next to the concept of taking your time, is to show the very best of one hundred years of experience and passion in a revitalized appearance.
A respectful balance between the high quality of comfort linked to ‘commodious’
armchairs and a moreover agile design is created; this all while keeping a close eye on the timeless elegance, the sense of luxury accompanying Poltrona Frau and not to forget the key ingredient Pelle Frau leather.

The chair shows the man’s hand, the craftsmanship, which is being hand down until this day and together with recent technologies was brought into play for it’s
production. It is the result of an exploration on how to put in use the outstanding quality of the established production methods and the distinct characteristics of Pelle frau to create a youthful and fresh armchair.

With it’s bold seat cushion the chair does not only look and feel very soft and
comfortable but it offers the opportunity to produce this centenary anniversary model using traditional upholstery techniques. Besides being a reminder of the
companies’ rich heritage it shows how this classic practice is still outstanding
as it comes to firm seating support and comfort.

Subtle details allude to the chairs capability to habituate oneself to the users mood or activity. In it’s ‘standard’, folded down, position the chair is very open and sociable. When folded upwards it becomes a more quiet ‘personal’ retreat where to be at leisure, now the small cushion hints at the possibility to put one’s feet up. Covered by that same small cushion there’s a modest compartment which can hold your tablet, the novel you’re reading or just the remote control.

renderings made by StudioGijs